Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!!!

It's that time again Tasty Teenies!

Time for another giveaway, Holiday style.

Here is what it will be for:

You choose either my Decorate your Own Gingerbread Ornament and Magnet kit or Hanukkah Kit

Here are the link you can visit to see what they are:

Whats included you may ask?

Everything you need to make an awesome Ornament, Magnet, or Window Cling.

Pre-Baked Polymer is pre-hung and pre-magneted (made up by me) and ready to be decorated with liquid snow/puff paint, microbeads, glitter, and more!

They come in a very cute package and are perfect for stocking stuffers, parties, and more!


So, here are the rules and additional entry info

1.  You must be a follower of the Miniopolous Blog so be sure to click follow
2.  Write a comment on why you enjoy the holidays
3. Submit your comment

It's that easy!!!

Oh, what?  one entry isn't enough?

Well there are plenty of opportunities for additional entries:

Just leave comments for each one you do (I will be checking) :)

1 Extra entry for each of the following

2. Heart your favorite Item in my shop
4. Like a post from my facebook shop page
5. Join me on Twitter:!/Barifran
6. Retweet one of my comments

5 Extra entries for each of the following

1. Write a blurb about this giveaway or your favorite item from the shop with a link in your blog
2. Buy an item from my shop

If you decide to purchase an item from my shop, you will get 10% off if you follow my blog and mention this giveaway!

Remember to stock up on great gifts for all the holidays and good luck!

The winner will be announced and contacted on the 30th


  1. cool giveaway!
    i am following your blog!

    why i love the holidays? mostly for the family. I love family traditions. The one i still do to this day (even though i am an adult) but i bake christmas sugar cookies with my dad every christmas eve. Its a tradition we've done since i was like 5 years old. We make a huge mess, but its always such fun!

  2. i favorited your shop! soo cute!

  3. and i just think this is soo adorable! hearted it!

  4. i am now a fan on facebook too! :)

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  6. I follow your blog. Nice giveaway. I like the holidays because I get to spend lots of time with my family

  7. cute blog. Nice giveaway! I'll follow!

  8. I love the holidays because of all the fun things there are to do and see!
    Also, it is a great time to see family and create memories.

  9. I love your blog layout, very adorable!
    I love holidays because that's where all my family members and my loved ones going to be together. We all will have some good times, with good food, good chats, and of course, it's going to be good memories to be remember forever.

    Your new follower on blog


  10. I just followed you on your facebook fan page!


  11. I "liked" your Mini Peter Griffin Family Guy Magnet post on facebook!
    That magnet is cute :) <3


  12. I followed you on twitter!


  13. I retweet your giveaway :)


  14. Ooh what fun! I just hearted your etsy shop.

  15. And I'm following this blog! Thanks for sharing your contest on Etsy. :)

  16. I'm following your blog! Found you through etsy :)
    I enjoy the holidays because it reminds us how family is important and gives us a chance to give to others.

  17. Hearted your Etsy shop
    (faves are private) - deedee8885

  18. Hearted my favorite item:

  19. Following on Twitter (queenjackass)

  20. Just "liked" your fanpage on Facebook

  21. Oh I'm totally following!!! Super cute giveaway! Hope I win!! I LOVE the holidays because I celebrate the birth of Jesus... and to me, it is the most meaningful day of the year :)